Friday, June 18, 2010

India - Developing Country... Why???

I am writing this blog as a truly spirited Indian. While I was studying in my primary classes, we were taught that "India is a developing country". We were not mature enough to think about that then. But even now, they are teaching the same!!!

I was shocked since it has been more than a decade since my primary education, and India is still a "developing country"!!! Why has it been so??? Or are we still being simply told so???
It didn't take much time for me to realize that they re still right!!! Why hasn't the scenario changed even a bit???

I don't want to point any fingers at anyone. But, circumstances are forcing me to do this... It is not a mistake in the way we see things, but in the way things are being done.
I am still of the opinion that equality should be present among all citizens of a country - both economically and socially. But when you look around, is that the case?

Socially, you can't even find the word "equality" anywhere. Everyone is divided based on caste, religion,... in all ways possible, including language!!! What is the need of this? This is simply magnifying the divide - and - conquer method that the British followed!!! Even when we shout "GO INDIA", we should look into ourselves: "are we doing our duties correctly as an Indian"???

If you look around in the economic circle, again, we can't see any equality. Many political parties are preaching 'equality'... But are they doing it??? Instead of uplifting the poor to the status of the rich, they are simply pulling down the rich to the status of the poor!!! Some equality... No wonder the country is still "developing"...

India is a country rich in culture and resources. But are we using it??? The cultural diversity itself is being used as a weapon. Everyone wants a state for himself, further dividing the country... At this rate, there will be more than a billion states in India, one for each person!!! WHY???
And coming to the resources, we are so under utilizing them that we are beginning to depend on others even for basic needs, and become vulnerable to any socio - economic fluctuations outside!!!

If you ask the people why it is so, they will say that the bureaucracy is corrupted... But think again. How many among you are responsible citizens? How many are bold enough to declare that India is a "developed" country? How many are ready to think "I can do it" and ready to contribute for that?

Now, a note to the people. Most people, after passing out from an educational institution, go and join any MNC, and work abroad. I am not accusing you, but think... You are actually using your expertise for someone else, instead of the mother nation. You are giving a signal to others that India is not the best place to use your skills!!! Is that your responsibility to the country?
Our government is saying that it is lacking the necessary expertise in different fields. That is since all that expertise has been exported outside and helping develop other countries!!!

Just think... Each one among you can make a difference... Do your duties sincerely... Fulfil your responsibilities to the country... Use the available resources effectively...
At least, the next generation should say: INDIA IS A DEVELOPED COUNTRY...


Ashok M Kini said...

yes, you are right in evry way, we have learnt indias peculiarity is "unity in diversity" , sure there is diversity, but where is the unity.. the freedom of thoughts and religion were exploited by many selfish people.our duty is to bring together all castes anfd religions together under the religion called patriotism, (in our words its called hindutva thats all)

you may disagree with my equation, but in a country with overwhelming majority of hindus, u can bring peopl together under it onli. all the caste based superiority must go,.. uniting hindus for nation progress. not against non hindus.

i disagree with those who work for mnc, atleast after they make money for living from mnc s they maay come back and work for thier motherland

vande mataram

Mahalingam.P.R said...

yes... we need to unite all the indians... thats my aim...
Now, a small clarification on the MNC issue...
The prime period of their life is being spent in the company. They might earn money from it, but how many spend it for the nation? Most take themselves first (that is important) and by then their resource is depleted!!! What is left for the nation???

Ashok M Kini said...

yes thats the problem, people tend to earn more and more.. we need to educate people,or india should start their own companies which work for india itself... govt should start thinking of reverse brain drain

Mahalingam.P.R said...

exactly... reverse brain drain...

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